Speed, care and technology. The best solutions for the furniture industry

DeGirolami has been a transport and logistics company for industrial furniture and design manufacturers for over sixty years. We find the best solutions to respond to one of the most demanding sectors on the market, and we do it together with our most important resource: a highly specialised team.

Through teamwork, we create value and quality.

Our fleet satisfies the demands of the global market making sure the goods reach their destination quickly and, above all, damage-free.

History makes us one of the major protagonists of the B2B market: we interface with furniture manufacturing companies, general contractors, architects, designers and sector professionals to help their business grow.


  • Distribution and groupage: we provide delivery services to designer furniture manufacturers, retailers and private individuals. The service guarantees clients with pre-booked appointments and flexible delivery slots, all managed by qualified personnel in the furniture sector.
  • Full Truck Load (FTL): the fastest alternative for transporting your goods directly from the sender to the recipient, with no intermediaries. Thanks to an efficient coordination system between the driver and the operator, valuable and fragile furnishings will be in safe hands.
  • Less-than-truckload (LTL): we also offer partial loads, a premium goods distribution service that offers unrivalled flexibility. This meticulously organised service handles multiple delivers in the same journey, allowing you to move smaller quantities and batches of goods.
  • Last Mile: widespread distribution services to deliver your product and install it at the home or premises of the end customer. We have extensive and thorough knowledge of the sector and furniture transportation, which is why expert operators develop the services for each client
  • Contract: From certified partners and project managers, to professionals with international training, we rely on the support of some of the best players in the industry. Their experience, combined with their passion for what they do, are key to planning, coordinating and directing every stage of a project, anywhere in the world.
  • Customs clearance for goods, both for import and export, local clearance procedures and bonded stocking services at our own warehouses;
  • Rail service with weekly departures connecting Europe and Asia in both directions;
  • Road transport services with daily departures.


  • Project Management: We study and plan every stage of development of the project. We carry out technical inspections, draw up detailed time schedules and coordinate teams with the various on-site operators to maximise your benefits.
  • Logistics and Warehouse Services: Thanks to a consolidated network of warehouses for the storage of the goods and materials, we manage every logistic need in all the principal global destinations.
  • Furniture assembly and Installation: Your important orders and contract projects are managed down to the finest detail to guarantee the goods arrive at your end customer’s destination on time, with the maximum efficiency.
  • Furniture Face (coming soon service): we have invested in creating procedures that give you the highest standard of service. Our technology improves the efficacy of the traditional delivery process, reducing the risk of inaccuracies and human error. Furniture Face is the online platform that allows you to access a wide variety of services, from tracking shipments to the digital exchange of delivery documents. However, our services do not stop there! You can even fully integrate your internal processes with our own, including:
  • Recipient’s personal information: exchanging information becomes an automatic process. Update your customer’s information from your management system, without needing to worry about having to contact us to let us know.
  • Address book: you can check the georeferencing of an address and vehicle accessibility.
  • Delivery orders: automatically send delivery orders and any subsequent changes right the way up to the cut-off day or until the moment, the goods are effectively collected and entrusted to DeGirolami.
  • Documents: no more paper! You will be able to exchange documents with senders and recipients completely digitally.



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